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Many motorists 'drive unsafe cars'

Monday December 6th 2010

Motorists are being warned to check their cars before setting off on long journeys during the freezing weather after a survey found many are driving vehicles they know to be unsafe.

An online survey found 22% of male drivers are on the roads knowing their brakes are poor, while 21% have bald tyres.

Meanwhile some 14% of male respondents to the poll by admitted to driving without a valid MoT certificate while 23% of women admitted to having chipped windscreens or broken lights.

The poll of 3,000 motorists found that 16% travel without a phone in the car. Overall, around 30% of cars were being driven with one fault or another.

At a time when salt from the roads can impair vision, the survey showed that the biggest fault facing drivers was having no windscreen wash.

Around 20% were driving with their car overdue for a service, while 3% had broken seatbelts.

Paul Coulter, of, said: "We all love a white Christmas, but cold conditions and long drives over the festive period make it especially important to keep your car in good working order. We'd urge people to get their cars checked before long drives.

"Being a responsible driver isn't simply about how you drive your car; it's as much about making sure that the vehicle you are going to drive is roadworthy. Our research indicates that 30% of cars on the road are a hazard to other road users and we're appealing to everyone to take their responsibility to other road users seriously."

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