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Mandatory microchipping 'on cards'

Friday February 10th 2012

Microchipping dogs may soon become compulsory, an environment minister has revealed.

Facing cross-party calls for mandatory chips at question time in the House of Lords, Lord Taylor said the Government would be announcing a package of measures to tackle irresponsible owners "very shortly".

"In putting the package together we have considered and set out the pros and cons of various approaches towards compulsory microchipping dogs," he said.

"The final package will cover future government handling of the issue as well as plans to improve standards of dog ownership."

There were 126,000 stray dogs in 2011, according to Liberal Democrat Baroness Parminter, 6,000 of which had to be put down.

It costs £1,100 to rehouse each stray dog, said Lord Taylor, racking up bills for charities and local authorities to the tune of £57.5 million a year. He also noted the "human cost of attacks".

A compulsory scheme is backed by 83% of the public, said Labour's Lord Hoyle.

Lord Taylor stressed that 58% of dogs were already microchipped, and said a set of measures would be announced "very shortly".

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