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Man risks life in 150ft pet rescue

Tuesday October 21st 2014

A dog survived a 150ft drop over a cliff in Scotland thanks to the bravery of his owner, who staged a selfless rescue attempt to save him.

Ricky Simpson was walking his two-year-old English bull terrier Stan near Loch Ness with partner Pollyanna when the accident happened.

And the 38-year-old roofer, from Carshalton, Surrey, said he had no choice but to go after his four-legged friend.

He said he knew he was risking his life but added he would do it again - whether for a person or an animal.

Ricky was helped in his courageous actions by volunteer lifeboat operators, who were called by Pollyanna when her partner began to scramble down the cliff.

Ricky rushed Stan to a vet in Inverness after two volunteers swam out to the rocky shore and took the pooch back to their boat.

Stan was left with a broken leg and has had to have a £2,500 operation to put in plate, which will hold his leg together in the future. If you're worried about your pet getting involved in a similar accident, check out our range of Pet Insurance options" href=>Pet Insurance options , which could help you to cover bills from the vet if the worst happens.

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