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Man calls 999 to report 'stray' cat

Wednesday September 29th 2010

A man called 999 to report that a cat had walked into his kitchen, a police force has revealed.

Gloucestershire Police said the man was told patiently and politely by the control room to lift up the wandering moggy and put it outside, and was told the incident was not an emergency.

While this comical incident posed no threat to the man or the cat, it does show how domestic animals can go where they are not supposed to and potentially put themselves at risk, raising the importance of having pet insurance cover.

The bizarre call was one of 4,000 inappropriate emergency calls received by Gloucestershire Police force this year.

The force said that sadly while some incidents are comical, inappropriate, hoax or aborted 999 calls are causing delays in getting to real incidents.

Control Room Inspector Andy Poole said: "With over four and a half thousand such calls this year alone for Gloucestershire Police, the delay this is causing in getting the emergency services to real incidents is self-apparent.

"Quite often 999 calls are not malicious, but are down to a lack of knowledge of how to get hold of the emergency services routinely.

"If callers repeatedly misuse the 999 system, they will be pursued for the offence of misuse of the 999 system and their telephone providers approached to disconnect their lines."

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