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Man and dog rescued by lifeboat

Tuesday June 2nd 2015

A man and his dog had a lucky escape after their sailing dinghy capsized entering Poole Harbour.

The 15ft boat was swamped by water as the duo neared the end of journey from Christchurch at around 4.50pm on Sunday.

Both the sailor and his trusted companion, called Leo, were pulled to safety by a lifeboat team in the vicinity.

Crew members checked them over before taking them to nearby Brownsea Island. Fortunately neither suffered any injuries. Once the pair was on dry land, the RNLI team returned to collect the flooded dinghy.

They found the stricken vessel completely flooded. It was moved to a small beach north of the island, where a powerful salvage pump was used to remove the water.

The man and his dog, undeterred by their ordeal, decided to stay with the dinghy as the crew pulled it back to the mainland.

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