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Mad Men names for homeless cats

Tuesday April 14th 2015

Cats at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home have been named after characters from a hit TV series in an effort to find them new owners.

Peggy, Betty, Joan, Megan, Sally, Dawn and Trudy, as the animals have been called, all share their names with characters from the American show Mad Men.

The cats were brought to the charity's Old Windsor centre in Berkshire after being found abandoned in a box with no food or water at a local boarding kennel.

The cats were in a poor state and needed treatment for alopecia and balding. However they have now made a full recovery and it is hoped the hype around the finale of the hit series will put them in the spotlight.

Christine Lloyd-Smith, Battersea Old Windsor's cattery team leader, said there are a number of Mad Men fans working for the charity and staff could not resist naming the cats after their favourite female characters in the show, which tells the story of a New York advertising agency in the 1960s.

To offer any of the cats a home, contact Battersea Old Windsor's Cattery on 01784 494 460 or email

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