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MSPs back tail-docking for specific dog breeds

Tuesday June 20th 2017

An outright ban on tail-docking for dogs is set to come to an end in Scotland.

MSPs have passed exemptions for specific breeds of dog north of the border - namely spaniels and hunt point retrievers.

Although the new legislation will still need full Parliamentary approval, it would give vets the power to shorten the tails of these breeds by up to a third when they are still puppies.

Without having their tails docked, it is thought these dogs could be at risk of injury in some cases.

Pointing out further caveats, Scottish Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said: " The regulations also ensure as far as is reasonably possible that only dogs likely to be used for lawful shooting purposes can have their tails shortened and that veterinarians are the only persons who may carry out the procedure."

Some 92% of those polled in a recent government consultation reportedly backed docking for these specific breeds.

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