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MP calls for dog attack penalty

Monday September 20th 2010

The MP for Swansea West has called for a minimum fine to be introduced for dog owners whose animals attack members of the public.

Labour's Geraint Davies said fines of £1,000 would be appropriate for people in cases where their pet is responsible for such attacks.

That fine would, of course, come on top of the cost of pet insurance cover.

Mr Davies highlighted the case of a three-year-old toddler was "brutally savaged" by a dangerous dog in the constituency this summer.

The girls was taken to hospital where she was treated for major facial injuries and bleeding.

He asked Commons leader Sir George Young: "When will you consider a debate on minimum fines of £1,000 for actual bodily harm ... against owners of such dogs who get involved in such unprovoked attacks?"

Sir George said: "We all would like to extend our condolences to the family that was involved in that tragic incident."

He added: "I will contact the Secretary of State for Justice on the issue you raise about the level of fines and ask him to write to you."

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