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Luxury hotel for man's best friend

Thursday March 12th 2015

Dogs can now get 'the five-star treatment' at a purpose-built hotel in Scotland.

Private suites, temperature-controlled flooring and a state-of-the-art spa are just some of the facilities at the Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel and Spa in Ayr - not to mention an indoor artificial grass play area.

It is a far cry from traditional kennels; also boasting a sauna, a bone-shaped splash pool and specialist showers.

The cost for all this luxury is £29 per day. Will Aitken, who runs the hotel with his mother Nannette on their family farm on the outskirts of Ayr, believes it will be a hit with people who like to pamper their pooches.

Food-wise, meals are specially prepared to the particular tastes of the dogs. Whether they have a diet of traditional dog food or enjoy tucking into tastier grub like cooked chicken, the hotel can rustle it up.

But that's not all. Attached owners will be pleased to hear that all 28 rooms are fitted with webcams, so they can keep an eye on their dogs online, while the TVs in the rooms have a two-way audio system meaning they can also 'talk' to their pet.

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