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Lucky escape for cat trapped in tube

Tuesday June 14th 2016

A cat called Lucky has lived up to her name by miraculously surviving for three days in a tube train tunnel.

The RSPCA found the cat in a dehydrated and filthy condition five days after her disappearance from a cat carrier. She had wandered so far along the London Underground's Victoria Line from Green Park that she had almost reached Oxford Circus.

A Transport for London (TfL) employee alerted the animal charity after seeing a cat on the train line's tracks attempting to catch a mouse. Rescuers say it is amazing that she was found as the tunnel is so dark and strewn with hiding places.

Now Lucky has been reunited with Lucy Duff, her owner. Sian Ridley, an animal collection officer for the RSPCA, says that Lucky has lived up to her name as anything might have happened to her in the tunnel.

The officer took the cat to the Putney branch of the RSPCA animal hospitals for a check-up. Ms Ridley says that Lucky is extremely "affectionate" and "active", given what she has been through.

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