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Lucky escape for cat trapped in tank

Friday November 14th 2014

A cat has had a "lucky escape" after falling 20 feet into a tank at a sewage works in West Lothian, animal rescuers said.

Nick named Fireman Sam, the black-and-white moggie was found trapped in the tank by worker Paul Lacki, who alerted firefighters after hearing the animal's cries.

Fire crews arrived at the site in Armadale and climbed down into the tank to coax the cat into a cage that was then lifted to ground level.

Sam has since been taken to Edinburgh and Lothians Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Balerno for some care and attention.

Animal rescue officer Steph Grant said that while Sam probably doesn't feel so fortunate, he was lucky to be found before the tank filled up with rain water.

The team is now hoping to reunite Sam with his owner. If no one comes forward, he will be found a loving new home, the animal rescue officers said.

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