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Lucky escape after engine ordeal

Monday March 2nd 2015

Cats love to find somewhere warm and safe to sleep but the location one cat chose - under the bonnet of a car - was a little too hot and certainly not safe.

The cat RSPCA staff have named Lucky for obvious reasons somehow found his way into a blue Mazda Maria Locher had parked at Manchester Airport. The black cat got himself curled up between the engine and body of the vehicle.

But he was still there when airport worker Maria left the airport car park and during a 30-minute journey on her way home to Stockport. She smelled burning, couldn't get the car into gear and pulled over to find out what was wrong.

When she lifted the bonnet she heard a cat and saw Lucky trapped close to the hot engine.

She called the RSPCA and one of its inspectors, Steve Wickham, freed Lucky and took him to the charity's Greater Manchester General Hospital and staff there are currently looking for his rightful owners.

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