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Lucky dog avoids injury after cliff fall

Tuesday April 4th 2017

A lucky dog has escaped serious injury after being rescued from a cliff.

The pet fell around 20 metres, forcing its owner to raise the alarm. The incident occurred at Dunnottar Castle south of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire on Sunday evening.

After making his way to the bottom of the cliff following the dramatic fall, Bailey the dog was rescued by Stonehaven and Montrose Coastguard Teams and Stonehaven RNLI lifeboat. He was then taken back to Stonehaven.

Amazingly, the pooch wasn't injured in the incident, meaning he could quickly be reunited with his owner.

Writing on its Facebook page, RNLI Stonehaven said: "Bailey the dog disappeared when his owner was walking along the cliffs at Old Hall Bay south of Dunnottar Castle. Our guys estimated that lucky Bailey fell about 20 metres.

"Once back in the boat he was cold and shocked but very well behaved considering his ordeal."

The organisation went on: "We are pleased to report a safe return for the daring doggy and a teary owner expressing her thanks to the volunteer lifeboat crew, local coastguard and Police Scotland who all assisted."

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