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Lucky cat survives an hour underwater

Tuesday August 4th 2015

Lucky the cat lived up to her name after surviving being trapped underwater for over an hour in a sunken speedboat.

A rescue crew believe the moggy managed to crawl into an air pocket in the boat, which was lying on the bed of Arizona's Lake Havasu, a local TV station reported.

Lucky had seemingly hitched a lift aboard the vessel at the beginning of its journey on the southern coast of California.

The cat was only discovered when a salvage team dragged the vessel up off the lake's bed and took it to a mechanic for repairs.

Rescuer Jon Zuccala described how Lucky had given the mechanic a shock by jumping out at him while he was draining water from the boat's engine.

Calls are now being made for Lucky's owners to come forward and collect her from the Western Arizona Humane Society, where she is being cared for.

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