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Lucky cat escapes house blaze

Friday July 3rd 2015

A family cat has eight lives remaining after it survived a devastating house fire in County Durham.

Alan, the 15-year-old moggie, was home alone when a lightning bolt hit the roof of the property in Dean Park on 1 July.

Owners Raymond Lee and Leigh Iles feared the worst when they returned with their three daughters to find their house ablaze.

Mr Lee, 34, said the family was extremely relieved to find out that Alan had managed to escape the flames as firefighters kicked down their front door to get inside. The cat was found cowering underneath a bush, covered in black soot from the thick smoke.

The family had another scare a day later when the fire brigade had to be called out again as the roof started to smoulder. They are now concentrating on rebuilding their lives, grateful that Alan escaped unscathed.

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