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Lucky Lilly in miraculous escape from fire

Tuesday September 8th 2015

A pet rabbit had water from a leaking fish tank and firefighters to thank for surviving a house blaze in Warwickshire.

Lilly's cage caught fire in Heathcote, Warwick, while her owners were away at work at about 11.20am. Neighbours alerted Leamington-based firefighters after smoke alarms went off and emergency crews arrived to see smoke billowing out of the home's first floor.

But luckily, a fish tank right over Lilly's cage started to crack in the heat, allowing water to run into Lilly's cage and douse the flames surrounding her.

The fire was quickly extinguished and firefighters took Lilly out of the cage to safety. Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service's response commander Mark Rose says that neighbours gave Lilly a nice treat after her frightening ordeal.

Firefighters believe the cause of the fire is due to combustible items being left dangerously near to an extension cable.

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