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Lotus could be set to axe 99 jobs

Monday June 6th 2011

Almost 100 jobs could be lost at car manufacturer Lotus's UK plant.

The company warned that 99 roles could be at risk at the factory in Hethel, Norfolk, after a consultation was launched over potential cuts.

According to a staff letter from chief executive Dany Bahar, Lotus needs to "reduce headcount in a number of areas in the business".

But the manufacturer has not yet commented publicly on the possible cuts.

The letter also said that there was a need for "increased improvement in both cost and productivity" which was highlighted in a company efficiency review.

"It is with regret that we have to enter into a redundancy process. However it is imperative that we realise cost savings and efficiency improvements this year to help ensure the success of Group Lotus in the future," it continued.

"Whilst we understand that this news will be disturbing to many of you, we ask that you continue to focus on your role within the organisation and delivering to the best of your ability."

Group Lotus is a subsidiary of Malaysian business Proton Holdings, which bought a majority stake in 1996, and is itself a parent company which owns car manufacturer Lotus Cars and Lotus Engineering.

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