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Lost dog found paddling 2 years on

Monday January 13th 2014

A dog reported missing some two years ago has been found swimming off the coast of Florida.

The dog, identified as Baby thanks to her collar, was found by fisherman Tony Basile a mile from Tampa Bay.

Tony took Baby onto his boat and wrapped a towel around her.

Speaking to Florida news provider WFLA, the fisherman said: "We got her to start drinking and eat some food. She's in need of a good cleaning, but she's totally bonded to me. I can't take a step off the boat and she'll start screaming and yelling. I walk with her; she stays right by my side."

Sadly vets discovered that Baby's owner died a couple of months ago, but they did manage to find the dog a new permanent home.

New owners Kathy and Larry Klein saw news coverage of Baby's rescue and went to look for Tony's boat to offer donations for the dog.

After spending time with her the couple said they knew they wanted to keep her.

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