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Lost cat spent 30 days on the run

Thursday June 4th 2015

A cat is safely back at home after jumping into a delivery van and disappearing for 30 days.

Cloud, described as a real house cat, crept aboard the Sainsbury's truck in Harrogate and escaped to Otley.

His owner Moira Morgan had almost given up hope of finding him when he miraculously showed up on her doorstep over four weeks later.

Her 11-year-old daughter spotted him curled up in the bushes outside the family home.

Moira did not think Cloud was capable of jumping aboard the delivery van because of how much he loves the indoors, so was shocked when she rang Sainsbury's and heard that a cat had darted out the van in Otley.

The driver said the moggy had disappeared into nearby fields before they realised what had actually happened.

A mini cat-hunt followed, with posters and leaflets being handed out. The family even took to social media to urge people in the local area to keep an eye out, but no one came forward and all hope seemed lost.

But Cloud amazingly managed to find his way home. While he rarely ventures outdoors, curiosity certainly got the better of him on this occasion.

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