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Lost cat returned after eight years

Monday February 23rd 2015

A cat lover has been reunited with her missing pet eight years after the feline disappeared.

Tabby Malcolm was found 20 miles away from 49-year-old Susan MacDonald's former home in the Devon village of Rockbeare, near Exeter, where he lived until he vanished in 2007.

Mrs MacDonald was devastated at the loss and scoured the village to find him, but to no avail.

She gave up hope and moved to live in Crete before returning to the village recently.

The phone rang last week and she heard Malcolm had been found by vet Maureen Hutchison in the town of Cullompton.

Malcolm had been microchipped and when scanned it told the vet who the cat's rightful owner was so she rang Mrs MacDonald right away.

It is a good idea for pet owners to have their animals microchipped and also to arrange Pet Insurance" href=>Pet Insurance cover to help with vets bills and when they go missing.

When Malcolm was returned to her on Saturday Mrs MacDonald said he was almost the same as he was when he went missing, just a little fatter.

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