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Lost cat back after 7-year adventure

Monday August 10th 2015

A lost cat believed dead has been returned back home after going missing in 2008.

Freya, 14, vanished from her owner's home in Shirebrook, Derbyshire. Volunteers South Yorkshire's Rain Rescue animal charity found her in Sheffield 24 miles away.

The project's cat co-ordinator Sue Utley says it remains a mystery just how she travelled as far afield as Sheffield.

She suspects that the moggy may have hitched a lift aboard vans, lorries or cars, adding that cats are "notoriously curious" creatures.

The charity found her as one of many stray cats they humanely and temporarily trap, neuter and release in an attempt to stop feral felines from reproducing.

When volunteers checked Freya for any microchips - as is customary with every captured cat - they found details of her true home and the extent of her adventure was unearthed.

Rain Rescue finds hundreds of new homes for cats and dogs every year.

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