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Long lost cat turns up after 12 years

Thursday December 4th 2014

When Jemma Lough's pet cat Toby failed to show up after disappearing in 2002, she feared she'd never see him again.

But thanks to his microchip Toby has turned up 12 years on and enjoyed an emotional reunion with Mrs Lough and his own mother, 18-year-old Jackie.

And to make the story even more bizarre, 16-year-old Toby was found at a vet's just over a mile away from Mrs Lough's old house in Braintree, Essex.

Mrs Lough says she was shocked and overwhelmed to be reunited with Toby, adding that when she took him back to her new home in Cambridgeshire, he'd walked straight over to lick his mum Jackie on her head.

It isn't known where Toby has been for the last decade but in recent months he's been cared for by staff at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Braintree who thought he was a stray.

But when staff took him to the vet's for a check-up his microchip was scanned, revealing Mrs Lough's details which she'd had updated when she moved house.

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