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Long-lost London cat turns up in Paris

Wednesday July 27th 2016

A cat is back with her London owners after going missing for over eight years. Moon Unit, named after actress Moon Unit Zappa, was found in Paris - 200 miles from owners Sean Purdy and Marna Gilligan's home.

They had given up all hope of seeing the black-and-white domestic shorthair after all this time. So when an email turned up in June notifying them of Moon Unit's whereabouts they initially found it hard to take the message seriously. How she got across the Channel remains a mystery.

Mr Purdy and Ms Gilligan adopted the then five-month-old cat more than 10 years ago. Moon Unit soon gave birth to a litter of kittens. She disappeared following a party to see in the New Year eight years ago.

Then came the email from Petlog, the British microchipping database. A Paris-based pet shelter had adopted Moon Unit after she was discovered at a nearby train station.

Ms Gilligan says Moon Unit has not changed much apart from losing her teeth and being a bit less hectic. She will be staying with Mr Purdy, while Ms Gilligan still has Roswell, from Moon Unit's litter of kittens all those years ago.

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