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'Lonely' dog lands Transformers role

Monday June 6th 2016

A dog rejected by thousands of would-be owners has finally found acceptance - to land a key role in the latest Transformers franchise movie.

Six-year-old Freya has been dubbed the "loneliest dog" on the planet after 18,000 pet lovers spurned the chance to take her home.

The Staff bull terrier, who suffers from epilepsy, has been a guest at a Merseyside rescue centre since she was a puppy.

But Michael Bay, the Transformers director, took pity on her after hearing about her predicament, ITV News reports.

Bay has not only given her a part in the latest Transformers movie being screened next year, he will also try to relocate her.

If this proves unsuccessful, he has tweeted that he will take her in himself. Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre officials say they are "thrilled" about the news.

They also say they are "excited" that such a big-name film director as Bay should show such support and interest.

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