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Lonely Trigger looking for a new home

Thursday February 12th 2015

Trigger, an affectionate, cuddle-loving Rottweiler bull terrier cross, seems the sort of dog that any family would welcome into their home.

But the six-year-old can justly make a claim to be Britain's most unwanted pooch.

He has not had one visitor in nearly a year with the RSPCA at the charity's West Hatch animal centre in the Somerset town of Taunton.

Trigger has seen kennel housemates arrive and depart while would-be owners pass him by.

Branch deputy manager Anita Clark said that "lonely heart" Trigger has loads of love to share with an owner after his previous one became unable to look after him.

Ms Clark said she wants to find Trigger's "perfect owner" and says that they must be out there somewhere.

Anyone who thinks they can fill this role should contact the RSPCA in West Hatch on 0300 1230747.

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