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Lloyds Bank to cut another 300 jobs

Monday June 13th 2011

Around 300 jobs are set to be cut from Lloyds Bank, taking the total losses to more than 27,000 in two years.

The latest job cuts will affect an office in Bridgend, South Wales, which is set to close.

Union Unite has hit out at the cuts saying that the move will "devastate" the workers.

National officer David Fleming said: "This decision will devastate the local workforce in Bridgend.

"When the Bridgend site opened, there was a significant commitment to the community and the bank secured a grant to this end.

"This withdrawal smacks of hypocrisy and makes a mockery of the statements made by the new chief executive to support the bank's communities and customers.

"Unite is working with the bank to maximise redeployment opportunities to Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea for the Bridgend staff, but this will in no way deflect the pain of those who have today been told that their workplace is closing down."

A total of 27,500 jobs have been cut since the Lloyds Group was formed in January 2009.

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