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Little dogs equal big maintenance

Friday June 17th 2016

Small dogs cost their owners more over a lifetime than any other pet except tortoises, a new study suggests. Our little canine friends cost £19,224 during an average 15-year lifespan.

Large dogs cost owners £17,234, while outlay on medium-sized dogs comes to £16,828 - both based on lives typically lasting 11-and-a-half years. No pet will cost animal lovers more during a lifetime than a tortoise, however.

Owners will have to shell out an estimated £27,787 on average, according to The money website says that their long lives contribute to the expense - and owners typically underestimate the expense by half.

The poll also finds that 19 out of 20 dog lovers see their pooches as one of their family. Nearly seven out of 10 cat owners view their moggies as indispensable.

Four in 10 rabbit owners would think nothing of paying more for their bunny's medical expenses than their own. UK households spent £7.16 billion on their domestic animals last year, the study shows.

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