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'Little change' in banks management

Monday September 12th 2011

There has been little change in how the banking industry is managed despite the loss of 150,000 jobs in the sector since the start of the financial downturn, according to a leading union.

Unite said that over the last four years there had been little change to improve how the banks are regulated to prevent problems occurring in the future.

It urged the Government to take note of the scale of the job losses which had followed the run on Northern Rock.

The comments came ahead of a report from the Banking Commission on reforming banks.

David Fleming, national officer for Unite said: "As we prepare to mark four years since the spectacular scenes of the run on Northern Rock which sparked the events which saw a banking crisis across the UK, astonishingly 150,000 hard-working UK taxpayers have become scapegoats and lost their jobs in banks and call centres.

"Since the crisis which brought hardship on millions of workers and their families, nothing has changed for the banking bosses."

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