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Litter appeal after duck found with elastic band around its beak

Friday November 25th 2016

The RSPCA is asking people to pick up littered elastic bands to protect wildlife a duck got one caught around his beak.

RSPCA inspectors were called to rescue a mallard that had the rubber band stuck around his lower beak in Valence Park in Dagenham, Essex.

The band was stopping him from eating and had he been left any longer rescuers feared he would have starved.

Animal Collection Officer Joe White said: "It was upsetting to see this poor duck in trouble all thanks to a rubber band that had probably been thrown on the ground without a second thought.

"It was stopping him from eating and had he not been found and no one called us to rescue him he may have eventually starved.

"Thankfully I was able to catch him and I took the band off. Luckily where he had been caught it was not pulling tightly and cutting into him so had caused no damage in that way.

"This poor mallard was one of the lucky ones. The end result could have been very different."

The bird was released back in to the wild once the band had been removed on November 12.

He asked people to not throw elastic bands on the floor or to pick them up if they spot them to prevent other animals being harmed.

Last year the RSPCA received almost 5,000 calls about animals affected by litter.

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