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Like father, like son for big bunnies

Tuesday April 7th 2015

The world's biggest bunny could stand to lose his title to his own son.

Darius, a continental giant rabbit, is more than 4ft in length and tips the scales at a hefty 3.5st, making him officially the world's largest bunny.

But now his son, Jeff, is looking like a possible contender to the title. Jeff is 3ft 8in long and his owner, Annette Edwards, believes he has another six months of growing to do before he reaches his full size.

Mrs Edwards, 63, needs to use child gates in her home in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, to stop her rabbits roaming freely in her house.

Such big rabbits come at a big cost and Mrs Edwards spends around £5,000 a year on 2,000 carrots and 700 apples. The pair also have a dog bowl full of specialist rabbit food every day and a bale of hay a week.

Mrs Edwards' rabbits sleep in her back garden but she says they are very much part of the family, craving attention and getting on well with both children and other animals. In fact, Jeff's best friend is Mrs Edwards' boxer dog Kay.

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