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Life-saving dog wins prestigious PDSA award

Friday June 16th 2017

A family dog in Devon has been given the equivalent of the George Cross for animals after saving his owners' lives from a fire.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Diesel from Dartmouth has been given the prestigious PDSA Gold Medal by the pet charity.

He was handed the award after waking his family up when a major fire ripped through their home. By waking them up, he effectively saved their lives.

PDSA director general Jan McLoughlin said: "Despite having no formal training, Diesel's actions showed incredible devotion to his family. His story is remarkable and truly demonstrates the unique contribution that animals make to our lives."

Diesel picked his award up earlier this week at the Worshipful Company of Saddlers, London.

Ms McLoughlin added: "We are proud that Diesel has become the latest recipient of the PDSA Gold Medal. His determination and bravery in the face of a terrifying situation shows unwavering devotion to his family."

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