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Level of part-time working revealed

Monday March 26th 2012

Some areas have up to a third of their workers in part-time employment only, according to the GMB union following a study.

The union, said a quarter of UK workers are now employed only part-time after jobs "mushroomed" in this sector, which shows up the shortage of full-time work.

The Shetland islands showed the largest proportion of part-time employed with 34%. The Shetlands were followed by three areas each with around a third - the Isle of Wight, Dundee, Swansea, Bath, Bedford and Plymouth.

The growth in part-time jobs was often to the detriment of full-time work, said GMB officer Kamaljeet Jandu, adding that many part-timers wanted full-time work providing flexible hours so they can fit in childcare.

He said the GMB urged an economic strategy based on quality job creation and growth.

"On too many occasions part-time working is characterised by low pay, insecurity and bad conditions," said Mr Jandu.

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