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Lazy Daisy wins pet slimming prize

Tuesday January 13th 2015

A dog once known as Lazy Daisy for her reluctance to exercise has lost a whopping 8kg and won a pet slimming contest.

The six-year-old bulldog who belongs to Gillian Turrell from Middlesbrough was once 40% overweight and weighed 28kg.

The porky pet was so lazy that she would try to hitch-hike in the cars of passers-by while out for a walk instead of using paw power and had to be encouraged with ham to exercise.

But her owner decided the treats had to stop and put Daisy in for the PDSA's Pet Fit Club contest. The once-tubby hound is now its pet slimmer of the year. The charity helped Daisy by making sure she was put on a diet in a safe way.

Having lost 25% of her full weight in half a year, Daisy also got to go on TV to receive her slimmer's crown on a special ITV1 show.

Her 60-year-old owner said her beloved dog was much more mobile and could now sprint up stairs where before she would struggle to get up them.

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