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Latest gadgets unveiled in Berlin

Thursday September 5th 2013

An exciting new smartwatch from Samsung and a waterproof Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone are among the latest gadgets being unveiled at a leading consumer tech show in Berlin this week.

Products at the IFA event range from smartphones to televisions, home appliances to tablets and computers.

Heading the field is Samsung's hotly-anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which offers phone calls, email and even a camera - all on the wrist.

Not to be outdone, arch-rival Sony impressed with its new Xperia Z1 smartphone, which features a fully waterproof handset capable of streaming video live to Facebook and a 20.7 megapixel camera.

As many as 240,000 gadget enthusiasts are expected to attend Berlin IFA, one of the oldest industrial exhibitions in Germany.

Other products launched at the event include LG's new G Pad, which the company claims is the only 8-inch tablet with a full HD display, and Acer's Liquid S2, the first smartphone that can record video in the 4K 'ultra-HD' format.

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