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Lanes 'to give new feel to London'

Monday July 23rd 2012

Londoners were warned today to expect the capital's roads to "look and feel different" from Monday as work on Olympic-only traffic lanes nears completion.

The 30 miles (48km) of Games Lanes, which will accommodate 1,300 vehicles an hour carrying athletes, officials and VIPs, will be in operation from Wednesday.

Road marking for the Lanes - which run alongside existing lanes - and alterations to 1,300 sets of traffic lights has already begun.

Tonight the final stage of work on the Lanes, involving 2,000 contractors, will start and continue for five nights.

Work includes erection of three temporary pedestrian footbridges at Hyde Park Corner, and installation of barriers for restricted turns.

The first Games Lane - on the M4 in west London - came into operation on Monday. Drivers will be able to use the other Games Lanes until they become active on Wednesday.

The Lanes form part of a 109-mile (175km) Olympic Route Network (ORN) in London and will generally operate between 6am and midnight.

Drivers who illegally use the Lanes or stop along the route face a penalty charge of £130, while illegally parked vehicles will be impounded and could incur a release fee of £200.

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