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Lake closed after dog poisoning

Thursday May 19th 2016

Police have ruled out foul play at a lake at the centre of a poisoning scare after three dogs died and at least seven more became ill after drinking from it.

Parts of Brooklands Lake, near Powder Mill Lane in Dartford, will still remain closed for at least a week as the cause of the illnesses is still unknown.

Kent Police are warning people to avoid the area.

A spokesman said there is nothing to suggest "foul play or anything sinister" had taken place.

A Kent police statement added that "no criminal offences have been disclosed" and that Dartford Borough Council and the Environment Agency (EA) will press on with the investigation.

Police cordoned off parts of the lake and warned people to stay away after a dog walker said that three of her animals had become ill and later died on Tuesday.

Parkvets Veterinary Hospital in Footscray, Sidcup, said it knew of a total of 10 dogs which had been affected, including the three which had died.

A spokesman, who could not give more details, said the surviving dogs were being kept under observation.

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