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Labradors join university panel to vet new students

Tuesday March 14th 2017

Student hopefuls looking to study veterinary nursing at Edinburgh Napier University will have to overcome a new layer of scrutiny, as a family of Red Fox Labradors joins the interview panel.

Dad Simba, mother Tia and puppy Fern have been given a key role in determining how well prospective students can communicate with animals.

Jodie Smith, lecturer and programme recruitment officer, said: "Having dogs present in interviews, in particular good quality Labradors, tests the aptitude of potential students for dealing with animals.

"Their presence also helps the assessors hone in on candidates' intuitive skills for working with dogs, which make up a large proportion of the patients in any veterinary practice."

The dogs helped university staff at Sighthill Campus assess students vying for a place on the BSc (Hons) vet nursing programme.

Applicants appeared lifted as they took part in a group discussion exercise, and the furry trio received hugs and claps from the group.

"Each year we have very tough competition for places on the BSc (Hons) veterinary nursing programme," Ms Smith added.

"Incorporating dogs into the selection procedure allows applicants to display their skills in an authentic setting and greatly helps the decision-making process."

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