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Labrador fit after horror leg break

Wednesday February 10th 2010

A Labrador is back on his feet following a four-hour operation to mend his broken leg, it has been revealed.

Kenzo was operated on by two vets and underwent nearly eight weeks of aftercare after breaking his leg when he and his owner became tangled in the dog's lead and tripped up.

Not only was the dog's owner left distraught after the accident, which was one of the worst Vet Tim Garran had ever seen, he is also facing huge treatment costs, which would be covered with pet medical insurance.

Kenzo was brought into the PDSA PetAid Hospital in Gillingham, Kent. Mr Garran said it was decided that the leg must be operated on that day after an X-ray showed it was fractured in three places.

The vet had to recruit a colleague to help during the surgery as the procedure was so long and complicated. He added: "In my five years as a practising vet I had never seen a break as bad as this."

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