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Kitten survives 3,000-mile Egypt flight

Wednesday October 7th 2015

A feline stowaway is to be rehomed after surviving a 3,000-mile flight from Egypt, a place where cats were considered to be sacred by the ancient Egyptians.

The kitten, named Cairo after the Egyptian capital, had faced the possibility of being put down after she was discovered in the cargo hold of an Emirates aircraft at Birmingham Airport.

But quick-thinking staff at Solihull Council found Cairo a place at Derby's Lina's Cat Rescue centre after the charity said it would foot the £1,000 cost of quarantining her.

But the airline has now agreed to pay Cairo's quarantine fee and she has now been declared free of rabies.

Following another three months of monitoring to make sure she doesn't have any other diseases, the charity will try to find Cairo a permanent home.

Animal lover Esther Atkins, a public protection officer at Solihull Council, said they had needed to act quickly to prevent Cairo being put to sleep after she was found at the airport.

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