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Kitten rescued from watering can

Tuesday April 22nd 2014

Firefighters have freed a kitten after it got its head stuck in a watering can.

A fire engine attended a property in Paignton, Devon after receiving reports that a small kitten had become trapped.

Crews used small tools to liberate the young cat whose head had become stuck inside the spout of the watering can at the Cleatlands Close address in Tweenaway.

A fire service spokesman confirmed that a single fire appliance had been dispatched from Paignton to come to the rescue of the small feline.

Paignton fire watch manager Keith Tuckerman said: "The kitten couldn't have been more than eight or nine weeks old. It had stuck its head in a plastic watering can.

"It was so young it hasn't realised what its whiskers are for yet. The owners had cut the main part of the watering can off but it was left with a collar. We just had to snip it off."

The fire service spokesman added: "The kitten was unharmed. Duty of care was left with the owners."

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