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Kitten in car park rescue has 'unbelievable' escape

Friday January 8th 2016

Fire crews had to be called on to rescue a five-week-old kitten after she got her head stuck in the drainage duct of a bin.

The black-and-white cat, called Dusty, had wandered on to a car park in Wolverhampton, where she then became jammed in the industrial bin.

Incredibly, fire fighters were able to remove the kitten without injuring her by using a small plastic collar coated in a special lubricant.

Two members of the West Midlands Fire Service also had to step in keep Dusty steady while her head was carefully taken out of the bin.

RSPCA inspectors said it was "absolutely unbelievable" that the kitten was not harmed as a result of the incident.

Dusty, who has now been given a clean bill of health by vets, is looking for a new home.

RSPCA inspector Steve Morrall told the BBC: "She's a very lucky cat when you see the images of where she was stuck. It's absolutely unbelievable that she's come off without any injuries."

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