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Kids want gadgets this Christmas

Monday December 16th 2013

More than three quarters (78%) of children aged between 5 and 11 have asked for tech presents this Christmas, a poll of parents reveals.

Just under half of parents (46%) admitted that the gadgets that their children had asked for were too expensive, while 29% felt their children were too young and 18% said they would rather buy their children more traditional gifts.

However, half of parents polled said that they had given in to their children's demands, with 31% admitting that disappointed faces on Christmas Day as the main reason for backing down, the study by discovered.

Playground pressure forced a quarter of parents into relenting into buying consoles and tablets, while 21% said they felt that it was fine for their children to have at home technology that they use in school.

"We've always resisted buying our children techy presents, but this year we have given in," one respondent to the poll said. revealed that searches for electronic gadgets had risen by 36% this year compared to the same period in 2012.

"Children grow up with gadgets around them all the time now - at school and at home - so it is becoming harder for parents to say no," a spokesperson for, said.

"There can be a compromise though. There are now some good, low cost tablets available and there are some good alternatives aimed specifically at younger children which are certainly worth considering."

Sarah Potter, Communications Manager at Cardif Pinnacle, said: "Gadgets of all sorts are high on so many children's lists this year but we often overlook the cost of repairing or replacing a gadget if the worst happens.

"Gadget insurance from helpucover ensures peace of mind for all the family's gadgets, all on the one policy."

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