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Kevin Spacey to play man trapped in cat's body

Monday February 1st 2016

Actor Kevin Spacey has taken on a fluffier role than might be expected in his latest film as he stars as a businessman trapped in the body of a cat.

The Hollywood A-lister, who has two Oscars to his name, is the voice of Mr Fuzzy Pants in the soon-to-be-released comedy Nine Lives.

It is a far cry from his portrayal of the ruthless Frank Underwood in Netflix drama House of Cards, not to mention cunning supervillain Lex Luthor in Superman Returns.

Nine Lives follows Tom Brand, a workaholic who is turned into a moggy after failing to spend enough time with his wife and daughter.

Jennifer Garner, Cheryl Hines and Christopher Walken are some of the other familiar faces in the film, which will hit UK screens on August 5.

Brand must somehow learn to love his family more while inside the body of Mr Fuzzy Pants, leading to some un-fur-gettable moments.

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