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Kerry Foods to close Durham factory

Monday April 2nd 2012

More than 350 workers at the Kerry Foods factory in Durham could lose their jobs as the food producer is planning to close the plant to reduce costs, according to a leading union.

Kerry Foods is the third largest private sector employer in the region. The union Usdaw said the move was sudden and was "disastrous" news for the workers and their families.

The proposed closure will see Kerry Foods move all production to its other sites as it looks to cut costs and make savings. The Durham factory under threat is mainly used for sliced meat processing for a number of major and own label brands.

Joanne Thomas, Usdaw's North East divisional officer, said that many of the workforce at the Durham factory have worked there for years, often alongside their parents or sons and daughters. As a result, the union said the income of entire families in the region was being put at risk.

She said: "We will examine the company's business case for the proposed closure in detail but our overriding objective will be to keep the site open and to save jobs."

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