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'Keep your pet hydrated this summer'

Wednesday July 6th 2016

Pet owners must make sure they know the amount of water they should give their dogs and cats this summer, a new survey suggests.

More than three in 10 (31%) are confused about how to keep their animals hydrated and cool in the warmer months, according to PetSafe. The pet product specialist says that nearly six out of 10 (59%) do not know the correct amount of water to give their animals.

Reassuringly, however, nearly all dog and cat owners (97%) give their pets fresh water on a daily basis, the survey shows. But many pet owners wrongly believe that tell-tale signs of dehydration include sweating or panting (81%) and whining (39%).

Many people do not know whether to keep their cats and dogs inside or outside in the heat. Around one in seven (15%) of the 1,000 adults polled think that pets would be coolest left outside.

Depression, dry gums, appetite loss, lethargy and sunken eyes are all signs of dehydration. Angela Critchley, a PetSafe spokeswoman, recommends leaving water bowls in different places around the home to help animals stay hydrated.

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