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Kate's canine choice sets the trend

Friday March 9th 2012

A canine organisation has urged pet lovers not to take their lead from celebrities when seeking to adopt a dog.

The warning comes after figures from the Kennel Club showed that the popularity of the cocker spaniel breed has increased by nearly half (50%) since the Duchess of Cambridge brought puppy Lupo to her home.

The data revealed that the popularity of the breed rose in January and February this year in comparison with the two months previous.

The club has now advised that any people looking to find a dog should not immediately copy what celebrities, such as royal Kate Middleton, have. It explained that animal lovers should be researching the type of breed that will be most suitable to their personalities and lifestyles.

The report also discovered that 23% of the dog owners polled admitted that they did "no or very little research" prior to buying a dog.

Secretary of Kennel Club Caroline Kisko said: "We are concerned that the popularity of particular pedigree or crossbreeds can go through the roof after they have been pictured with a celebrity owner."

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