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July 'peak time for dumped pets'

Wednesday July 13th 2016

Pet owners dump their animals in July more than any other month, according to new RSPCA figures.

The charity says that last year its admissions peaked during this time, dealing with 2,751 abandoned animals across Wales and England. The RSPCA says summertime overall is traditionally the worst season for this, with typically one pet collection each hour.

It says it is bracing itself for more discarded dogs, cats and other animals, some of them left for dead.

Simon Osborne, a superintendent with the organisation, says this contradicts the misconception that most pets get dumped at Christmas.

He says the "heartbreaking" tally includes pets left in boxes, fields and at roadsides. This could be down to Christmas present novelties wearing off or some keepers not planning for their animal's care while they are on holiday, Mr Osborne says.

The RSPCA's abandoned animal caseload has included a bull terrier which survived being put into a bag then thrown into a river and a Yorkshire terrier left in a bin.

Mr Osborne urges pet owners to do their homework before they make the commitment of taking an animal into their home.

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