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John Lewis Christmas advert sparks interest in Boxer breeed

Tuesday November 29th 2016

Interest in Boxer dogs has seen a spike after John Lewis aired its seasonal TV commercial featuring Buster, the trampoline-loving Boxer dog, a charity has said.

Boxer searches saw an increase of 160% on the day following the highly-anticipated Christmas advert's release, the Kennel Club's Find A Puppy website has confirmed.

Following the advert's first appearance on TV screens, searches rose from 469 on November 9 to 1220 on November 10. Searches peaked at 1511 on November 13.

The mischievous family pet is seen beating a young girl to the trampoline on Christmas morning and bounding away on her intended present.

However, the charity is concerned that it could soon be "inundated" with abandoned Boxer dogs from people who have chosen the breed hastily in response to a festive fad.

The rescue organisation is worried that Boxers' traits, such as being messy eaters and having a tendency to drool, could result in new owners regretting their decision.

While Boxer dog searches more than doubled in the five days following the advert's airing, searches for all breeds only rose by a more modest 4% over the same period.

Kennel Club secretary Caroline Kisko said: "We have seen unprecedented levels of interest in the Boxer dog breed since the John Lewis advert was aired, whereas interest in other breeds during the same time has stayed relatively static.

"While the John Lewis advert perfectly depicts the Boxer's playful and endearing nature, no advert can give a fully rounded picture of what any dog breed is like, so it is essential that people do their research if they are looking to get a dog."

"We saw lots of boxers called George coming into us after the Colman's Mustard ad featuring a boxer, so we know it happens."

Betty Hoad, of the Southern Boxer Rescue Service, said: "Boxers are absolutely wonderful characters but we fear being inundated next year, after the interest the John Lewis advert has generated in the breed."

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