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Jobseekers lack confidence - survey

Friday May 13th 2011

A study has revealed that about a quarter of jobseekers are afraid they will still be looking for work in a year's time.

The survey by said nearly 40% lack confidence in their ability to find work by the end of 2011, up from 30% in the last year.

In addition, two thirds had applied for at least 11 jobs since they started searching and one third had not had any interviews yet.

Jobseekers in Yorkshire and Humber were the least confident of finding work within a year, followed by those in the North West and Scotland, while those in London were the most confident.

The survey of more than 11,000 people concluded that jobseekers are inadequately prepared for interviews, neglecting to make each application with proper care and attention.

Mike Fetters, director of, said: "Whilst it is tempting to panic and fire off hundreds of applications when you are struggling to find work, these rarely meet with success. Far better to focus your applications to those jobs that match your expertise and experience, and spend enough time carrying out the research needed to create a strong application. It is also important to be flexible."

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