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Jobs under threat in council cuts

Thursday November 11th 2010

Thousands more workers have lost their jobs or face the threat of being axed as Lloyds Banking Group and three major councils announced staff cuts.

The GMB said it had learned that 2,000 redundancies would be made at Derbyshire County Council over the next four years. Leeds City Council is also aiming to cut 1,000 jobs and a further 2,500 to 3,000 are under threat at Stoke on Trent City Council.

The union said the latest blow came on top of thousands of threatened job losses already announced, as local authorities across the country contend with budget cuts enforced under Government austerity measures.

Derbyshire County Council will have to slash spending by £84 million over the next four years, on top of the £10 million it had already planned, after the Government announced a cut in the authority's grant of around 28%, according to the GMB.

GMB organiser Pat Hardy said: "These cuts are savage and will have a devastating impact on services and on many GMB members in Derbyshire who will lose their jobs."

Banking giant Lloyds also revealed it is to cut another 400 jobs, taking the total number of staff axed since it was part-nationalised in September 2008 to 22,000.

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